Eric Jokinen


Hi friend!

You're wondering if I can help you make money.

Let's get this out of the way quickly: YES, I can help you make money.  

(There's a reason I've pulled in over $100K on Upwork and I'm one of the top rated copywriters there.  And it isn't my handsome, handsome face.)

Here's my process:

1.  Ask questions 

I interrogate you without mercy until I understand your offering and your target market.  I delve into what your prospects are doing now, why it's causing them pain, and how you can make it all better.  After that, putting the two of you together is a lot easier.

2.  Work my magic 

Now that I know your target market, I get into their mind and write directly to them, and only to them.  Each of them lives in a secure castle, fortified against the relentless onslaught of ads and sales pitches.  Our goal is to find the right way to approach this castle so that they let down the gate and beg us to come in.  Battering rams will only lead to heavier defenses.  

3.  Revise 

You know your audience well.  We'll work back and forth to nail down a final version of the copy that we are both convinced is going to engage your audience and drive action. 

4.  Test 

Finally, the rubber is meeting the road!  Your page goes live, your email goes out, your post is published, your video is embedded.  Now we'll see what kind of activity we can generate.

5.  Analyze results 

We analyze the results and figure out next steps.  Hopefully, we're googling champagne brands to find out what kind entertainers and trust fund kids are drinking at VIP tables these days.  If not, we figure out what we can improve and reload for the next round.

If you can't tell, I love this work.

Hit me up.  Let's kill it.

Notable Clients:

Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Priceline, McKesson, Carnival Cruise Line, Hewlett-Packard, Colgate-Palmolive, Blackberry, Xbox, Nokia

website copy

explainer video

I've done over a thousand of these.  Here's a straightforward sample:


Other fun stuff i've done

Ongoing trivia questions for an SMS campaign for Xbox Live. Over 50,000 opt-ins and 60% retention from campaign start!

A hilarious employee manual for DreamHost.

Striking facts for Slavery Footprint's app.


"Eric is fantastic. Super intelligent, funny, and very productive when it comes to comedy writing. I would hire him again in an instant."

- Peter Kazanjy, Talentbin

"Eric is a pleasure to work with and his product is outstanding."

Rob S.

"I'll be honest, I was very surprised that I could find someone as awesome as Eric through ODesk ... We needed witty but professional writing and he delivered. Fantastic work, Eric!"

Fred Tatlyan, Goliath Graffix

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