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    frequently asked questions

    Why should I hire you?

    I'm an excellent copywriter.

    Okay. Got any proof?

    Well, I've worked for some big names like Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Priceline, McKesson, Carnival Cruise Line, Hewlett-Packard, Colgate-Palmolive Blackberry, Xbox, Nokia... 

    Lots of people work for big names. Have you won any awards?

    I used to just say, "no".  Now I say, "I've been nominated, but haven't yet won".  Given this trajectory, someday this section might just be a nice little trophy case.

    Keep dreaming.

    I will!  But I don't dream of awards, honestly.  I dream of solid writing and really happy clients that want to hire me again and again.

    That's what someone with no awards would say.

    Look.  I don't work at a huge agency.  I'm a writer working from home with two small kids - one hanging off each arm.  I used my passion for writing and sales to build my copywriting business from scratch.  My first job paid $0 an hour.  My current rates have zeros on the end, not the beginning.  To me, that's an award.  Hell, every new job is an award!

    All right. Enough with the dramatic monologue. Just show me your stuff.


    website copy

    explainer video

    I've done several hundred of these.  Here's a fun one:

    blogging and articles

    Other fun stuff i've done

    Ongoing trivia questions for an SMS campaign for Xbox Live. Over 50,000 opt-ins and 60% retention from campaign start!


    "Eric is fantastic. Super intelligent, funny, and very productive when it comes to comedy writing. I would hire him again in an instant."

    - Peter Kazanjy, Talentbin

    "Eric is a pleasure to work with and his product is outstanding."

    Rob S.

    "I'll be honest, I was very surprised that I could find someone as awesome as Eric through ODesk ... We needed witty but professional writing and he delivered. Fantastic work, Eric!"

    Fred Tatlyan, Goliath Graffix

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